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Bachelor of Psychology

Program Level :  
Duration :  
Three to Four years full time mode
School Name :  
Univerity of California Los Angeles
A Bachelor of Psychology (BPsych) is a liberal arts degree, not a professional degree. It does not make you a professional psychologist.
Psychology degree is design to refine and maximize your critical-thinking skills and help you understand why people learn, think, and act the way that they do. It can help you better understand the motivations of your co-workers, clients, and customers and prepare you for career advancement.

Areas of Study
Research methods
Health Psychology
Social Psychology
Personality Theory
Abnormal Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Behavioural Neuroscience
Career Prospects
Graduates of the Bachelor of Psychology may find work in areas indirectly related to their study as in human services in business settings or pure social services, may be just about any career that involves working with people. Your understanding of the human mind and behaviour and interpersonal skills make you a good candidate for jobs that require good communication skills.

Some common social jobs include Case Manager, Career Counsellor, Occupational Therapist, Youth Counsellor, Rehabilitation Specialist, Probation Officer, Community Relations Officer, Librarian and Psychiatric Assistant.

If you follow psychology-driven aspects of business tracks, you can enter sales, marketing, labour relations, and other management or administrative positions.

However, you need a Ph.D to become a licensed psychologist in hospitals, schools, private practices, social service agencies and mental health institutes.
Further Study
A bachelor's degree in psychology is sometimes seen as a stepping stone toward a graduate degree. In fact, many psychology majors end up going on to business school, law school or some other type of advanced degree program.

Postgraduate options is required for practice as licensed psychologist.
Master of Psychology
Doctor of Psychology