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Bachelor of Music

Program Level :  
Duration :  
Three to Four years full time mode
School Name :  
Univerity of California Los Angeles
A Bachelor of Music (B.M., B.Mus. OR Mus.B.) is an academic degree awarded by a university or conservatory upon completion of professional music study. Qualification is available for classical, contemporary, jazz and modern instrumentalist, vocalist or composer with a range of ensemble and elective options. The majority of work consists of prescribed musicology and study in applied music, normally requiring proficiency performing an instrument.
You will study the options covering your own interests and acquire the musical flexibility, audio technology and breadth of ensemble necessary to excel in the music industry. You will have opportunities to use recording studios, multimedia and MIDI labs, and digital audio/video suites. You can also gain practical experience in performance as a soloist and in groups.

Areas of Study
Jazz Studies
Film Music
Aural Training
Music Theory
Music History
Music Therapy
Music Ministry
Music Business
Medieval Music
Opera & Theatre
Music Education
Music Production
Sound Technology
Renaissance Music
Performance Studies
Nineteenth-century Music
Entry Requirements
You will usually be selected on an interview/audition in which personal aptitude, professional music experience and educational qualifications are taken into consideration. At your audition you will be asked to perform pieces of music with your chosen instrument.
Career Prospects
Graduates of the Bachelor of Music (in Performance or Advanced Performance) find a career as an instrumentalist in a chosen instrument or vocalist. They perform as members of professional orchestras, recitalists and collaborative pianists, and also appear on the opera platforms.

If you have studied Composition and Sonic Arts, you may seek an independent career writing or arranging for film, theatre, plays, dance, television or concert performance. The contemporary composer now works in a multimedia environment and has a range of opportunities in the burgeoning new technology area.

The skills learned as a contemporary or jazz musician will open options to work at a high professional level in the fields of contemporary music, musical theatre, media and entertainment.

The study of Musicology can lead students into a wide range of rewarding careers including music education, publishing, administration, radio broadcasting and librarianship. The Bachelor of Music (in Performance and Pedagogy) offers opportunities in studio teaching and instrumental teaching in schools. As a graduate, you may also apply for teacher preparation program (graduate entry).

Graduates are also eligible to apply for accreditation as Registered Music Therapists.
Further Study
Master of Music (M.M. or M.Mus.)