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Continuing Education Programme

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DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore
The Continuing Education Programme for Trading Representatives is accredited by the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and it offers Trading Representatives a selection of short classroom and e-learning courses for continuous professional development. SGX-TRAINING CREDITS Participants will attain one training credit upon successful completion of each course. This continuing education programme is subjected to the existing SGX requirements on minimum training credits, punctuality, signing of attendance register, attendance, attire and other rules or regulations prescribed by the SGX.

- Reading Annual Reports, IPO Prospectuses and Financial Statement Analysis
- Analysing and Trading Derivatives*
- Market Fundamentals, Expectation and News: Their Impact on Asset Price
Movements in the Global and Singapore’s Financial Market
- Candlestick Charting – The Language of Trading (Basic)
- Do Hedge Funds Generate Alpha?
- Candlestick Charting – The Language of Trading (Advanced)
- Business Conduct of Trading Representatives
- Market Offences and Their Consequences
- Outlook of China’s Economy, Exchange Rate Policies, Property Market and
Stock Market
- Fundamental Analysis, Stock Selection and Valuation Techniques of
Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch
- An Introduction and Update on Anti-Money Laundering & Countering the
Financing of Terrorism Laws and Regulations in Singapore
- Analysing and Trading Derivatives*
- Charting Your Way to Profits – Advanced Technical Analysis


- An Introduction to Financial Markets and Commodities (Agricultural)
- An Introduction to Asset Allocation and Asset Classes (Part I & II)
- Singapore Equity Market, Equities (Issuing) and Portfolio Management (Indexes & Hedging)
- An Introduction to Alternative Assets, Hedge Funds (Investing) and Real Estate (Investing)
- Asset Allocation (Strategic & Tactical) and Deriving the Optimal Portfolio
- Forwards and Futures (Pricing), Futures Markets and Building a Yield Curve*
- Types of Credit Derivatives, Pricing Methods and Credit Default Swaps*
- Options: Trading Strategies and Managing an Option Portfolio*
Entry Requirements
Participants should have basic knowledge of:

- Reading Annual Reports, IPO Prospectuses and Financial Statement Analysis
- Analysing and Trading Derivative
- Commodities, Options, Forwards and Futures
- Financial Markets
- Asset Allocation, Hedge Funds, Accounting
and Real Estate