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Bachelor of Arts

Program Level :  
Duration :  
Three to Four year academic degree. Honours is available as an additional year of study.
School Name :  
Raffles College of Higher Education
The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), or Artium Baccalaureus (A.B.) in the United States, is a bachelor's degree awarded for an undergraduate course or program in either the liberal arts, the sciences, or both. Those who have successfully completed the honours year may style themselves "B.A. (Hons)".
A Bachelor of Arts degree course gives you a better understanding of how human beings make, recognise, and argue about life's meaning and the values that support civilisation. A BA graduate is someone who has gained skills and knowledge, not just in a subject area but also in written communication, critical thinking, problem solving and interpersonal understanding. They can extend these skills in many different jobs and life situations.

Students may focus on more liberal arts general education courses, or they do more science and mathematics content.

Students may choose the following specialisations :

Ancient History
Asian Studies
Chinese Language
Classical Languages
Development Studies
English Language
English Literature
European Studies
Film and Television Studies
French Language
Gender Studies
German Language
Greek Language
Indonesian Language
Information Systems
International Relations
Islamic Studies
Italian Language
Japanese Language
Korean Language
Lain Language
Logic and Philosophy of Science
Media Communications
Pacific Studies
Peace and Conflict Studies
Political Science
Public Policy
Religious Studies
Russian Language
Spanish Language
Sports Studies
World Culture
Career Prospects
The Bachelor of Arts provides a broad, flexible education and is excellent preparation for a wide range of careers. Many employers, especially in large organisations, look for people with the skills an Arts degree provides. Some specialised areas of study lead to careers in specific fields such as psychology, linguistics, or languages. Other areas are general training for professional/semi-professional careers in fields such as economics and information technology.

An expert of English and Literature is required in many fields and thus you can be engaged as Creative or Content Writer, Editor, Literature Researcher, English Teacher, Story Teller/Presenter in Television Programs, Librarian, Scriptwriter, Freelancer in Print Media, Translator/Interpreter.

Other career opportunities exist in: Administration, Art galleries, Charity, Cultural organisations, Diplomatic and trade services, Education, Environmental protection agency, Event planning, Film and television, Foreign affairs, Fundraising, Government, Human resource management, Information management/technology, Insurance, Labour unions, Media and entertainment, Museums, Politics, Public relations, Publishing, Recreation and leisure, Research, Retail, Social services, Sports, Statistics, Travel and tourism.
Further Study
Postgraduate and graduate study is stimulating, challenging and ultimately rewarding – intellectually and in whichever direction your career takes you.