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Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Program Level :  
Duration :  
One to Three year full time study
School Name :  
MMI Academy
The Diploma in Early Childhood Education program prepares graduates to work in a diverse range of services catering to the foundational education and care of children from birth to eight years of age. They will teach children in early childcare centres, preschools and junior primary classes.
The program equips students with the professional skills required to foster positive development and learning in children (Birth to 8 Years) and be strong advocates for children and their families.

Areas of Study

Concepts of Childhood (Birth to 8 Years)
Language and Multiliteracies
Children's Services in Community Contexts
Numeracy (Birth to 8 Years)
Literacy (Birth to 8 Years)
Creative Arts in Early Childhood
Pedagogy and Play
Professional Experience (Birth to 8 Years)
Developing a Play Curriculum (Birth to 8 Years)
Physical Education and Health (Birth to 8 Years)
Science and Technology (Birth to 8 Years)
Social Education (Birth to 8 Years)
Children with Special Needs
Career Prospects
A leadership diploma which will enable graduates to apply for teacher, supervisor or principal of a kindergarten or child-care centre. Employment areas include government and non-government schools, full day childcare centres, preschools and work-based care centres. You can also work as a trained professional with various agencies that offer services for children and families.
Further Study
This qualification is a stepping stone to
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education