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Diploma in Translation & Interpretation

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Duration :  
Intensive Programme(1 year) S$ 3,812 Leisure Programme(2 years) S$ 4,124 (inclusive of registration fee and course materials, but excludes GST) Full Diploma: Can be paid by 2 instalments
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Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business
Introduction =================================================== Diploma in Translation & Interpretation helps you to build a firm foundation in languages and translation skills. It adopts a systematic and practical approach. First, it provides an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of English and Chinese languages, translation principles and techniques. This is followed by translation of practical topics (e.g. news, advertisement, press releases) applicable in the working world. After the course, participants will be able to translate and interpret proficiently. Course Goals =================================================== This course aims at raising the bilingual translation skills for professionals in various fields in Singapore and training English-Chinese and Chinese-English translators with perceptiveness in both English and Chinese and translation skills.
To be awarded the Diploma, participants must complete the following 6 modules.

DTS01 语言学导论 Introduction to Linguistics

DTS02 英汉对比语言学 Comparative English and Chinese Linguistics

DTS03 英汉双向翻译的理论与实践 English-Chinese and Chinese-English Translation Theory and Practice

DTS04 基本文体翻译技能训练 Translation Skills for Different Genres

DTS05 英汉双向口译的理论与实践 English-Chinese and Chinese-English Interpretation Theory and Practice

DTS06 翻译综合能力培训 Integrated Translation Skills
Entry Requirements
- At least a pass in 'O' level English (as 1st language) (OR equivalent) AND
- At least a pass in 'O' level Chinese (as 2nd language) (OR equivalent)
- Priority will be given to those who has a pass in 'O' level Higher Chinese.