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Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Talent Management (PGDipHRTM)

Program Level :  
Duration :  
- 6 months; 168 training hours - 5 modules - Lessons are conducted on Friday evening (7pm - 10pm) and/or weekend (full day; 9am - 5:30pm)
School Name :  
SHRI Academy
SHRI Academy’s PGDipTM programme will equip learners with processes and toolkits on how to connect organisational excellence to people management by systematically identifying, keeping, developing and promoting the organisation's best people. Learning resources will include simple, efficient, easy-to-follow methods for assessing, planning and developing high-value people to meet your organisation’s current and future needs. It will help you combine your organisation’s diverse human resources activities into an integrated system. The programme will benefit HR and non-HR practitioners including those with direct or related responsibilities for driving the talent agenda in their organisation. Upon successful completion of this programme, graduates shall be able to: - Understand the potential of integrating your company's infrastructure of HR assessment, planning and development tools. - Explain how to align your company's people with the current and future needs of the organisation by placing employees in positions that maximize their value. - Identify and develop highly qualified backups for key positions which are critical to organisational continuity. - Allocate resources to employees based on actual and/or potential contribution to organisational excellence. - Explain how to build all your HR disciplines on the "building blocks" of organisational competencies, performance appraisal and forecast of employee/manager potential. - Determine how to enhance employee performance through coaching, mentoring, constructive dialogue and feedback. - Describe powerful reward systems that support different talent management strategies. - Articulate how to create a talent management system to significantly improve your organisation's return on its HR investment.
Module 1 - Human Resource Management (36 Hours)
This module gives an overview of the key functions of the human resource department including a segment dedicated to International Human Resource Management.

Human Resource Management Functions

Human Resource Strategies, Policies and Procedures

Job and Competency Analysis

Performance Management

Human Resource Planning

Recruitment and Selection

International HRM

Module 2 - Human Resource Development (36 Hours)
This module provides learners with knowledge and skills for human resource development functions. Through a project/assignment, learners will develop and acquire the necessary skills and expertise. The module includes an overview of People Developer programme.

The Training Process and Theories

Approaches and Techniques to Training Needs Analysis

Set Training Objectives and Design Training Programmes

Planning and Resource Requirements

Implementing and Monitoring Training Programme

Evaluation of Training Effectiveness

The People Developer Programme and Future Trends in HRD

Module 3 - Strategic & Change Management (36 Hours)
This module explores and evaluates the concepts and theories of "Strategic & Change Management" and develops learners’ cognitive processes integral to strategic management. Special emphasis is given to the approach of human resource functions towards total operations.

Strategic Management Process: An Overview

The 3 Strategy-making Tasks

Industry and Competitive Analysis

Company Situation Analysis

Strategy and Competitive Advantage

Matching Strategy to Company's Situation

Diversification Strategy and Analysis

HR Dimension in Corporate Strategic Management

Change Management

Module 4 - Talent Management: The Key to Organisational Sustainability (30 Hours)
(Processes, Practices, Tools and Activities)
This intellectually-rewarding module is based on applied research and contemporary practices. It has a strong applications-based format depicting the Processes, Practices, Tools and Activities for corporate planners, Human Resource Managers and Talent Management Executives who need to serve as Internal Consultants or Change Catalysts, tasked to provide a talent solution that will unleash the maximum potential of human creativity and productivity to meet the new business challenges their organisations are facing.

The Basics of Talent Management

Talent Management Processes and Activities

External and Internal Drivers impacting on Talent Management

Talent Management and Organisational sustainability

Talent Alignment and Development

Measuring and Monitoring Talent Management Effectiveness

Rewarding and Recognising Talent

Trends and Leading Practices in Talent Management

Module 5 - Talent Management: Effective Implementation of Talent Management Programmes (30 Hours)
This module will help learners to design talent retention programmes and activities that boost employee engagement and performance as well as create and sustain business excellence in your organisation.

Overview of Talent Management Programmes

Assessing Strengths and Weaknesses in Retention Strategies

Employee Engagement and Retention

Training and Developing your Talent Pool

Manager's Role in Developing Talent and Improving Retention

Coaching & Mentoring Talent for Results

Leadership Development and Succession Management

Evaluate New Talent Programme and Measure the Return on Investment

The modules listed above may be conducted in a different sequence.
Entry Requirements
Applicants should possess any one of the followings:
- Degree in any discipline
- Diploma holder with at least 3 years working experience at a management level

Those with other qualifications and working experience will be considered on an individual basis.

Exemptions of appropriate module(s) will be given to SHRI’s Postgraduate & Graduate Diploma holders.

Exemption(s) may be considered for Diploma & above graduates in the same/related discipline of study from local Polytechnics or other Institutions.

The final decision concerning admission and exemptions to the programme rests with the Academic Advisory Board.
Further Study
PGDipTM graduates holding bachelors degree are encouraged to enroll for the Master of Science (International HRM) programme, jointly offered by Edinburgh Napier University (UK) and SHRI Academy, subject to validation of the programme and acceptance by the University.