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JavaScript and JQuery

JavaScript is a lightweight programming language that runs in a web browser on the client side, and is an easy way to add dynamic function to your HTML code. This course JavaScript and JQuery will introduce client-side web development using JavaScript, core Ajax approaches, XML data handling, and client-side development. This course also provides extended coverage of the JQuery UI library. The course includes intensive hands-on labs and by the end of the course, you will have built a functioning user interface with JQuery. The hands-on sessions will provide in-depth coverage of the JQuery framework, Ajax, and UI components.
Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

* Understand how to develop dynamic web programs using JavaScript;
* Learn how to create JQuery applications using UI prototyping;
* Build a functioning user interface with JQuery;
* Design and implement common components in JQuery;
* Setup, Maintain and Deploy JavaScript applications.

DAY 1:


* Basics Overview (variables, conditionals, operators, loops)

* Arrays and Objects

* Functions

* Closures

* setTimeout and setInterval

* this and object binding

* Dynamic function calls

* Asynchronous JavaScript and callbacks

* Error handling

Manipulating the DOM


* innerHTML

* Document fragments

Debugging and Tools

* Aptana

* Firefox

* Firebug

* Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

* Safari Console

DAY 2:

Object-Oriented Programming with JavaScript

* Inheritance through Functions

* Inheritance with prototyping

* Add properties to an already created object


* Overview

* Traditional Vs. Request/Response flow

* Creating a Request

* Using Success & Failure callbacks

* Ajax side effects

Design Patterns

* Singleton

* Global Abatement


* Best Practices

Hands-on Exercises

* Developing Automobile Application using JavaScript OO Concepts

* Login Example using Ajax

* AutoSuggest Example using Ajax

* User Registration Application using client side and server side validations and Ajax

* Employee List using AJAX

DAY 3:

Introducing jQuery

* Downloading jQuery

* How to ensure you have the Most Recent Version of jQuery

* How to Load jQuery with Other Libraries

jQuery Basics

* The jQuery() and $() Functions

* The $(document).ready Event Handler

DOM Manipulations with jQuery

* Review of DOM Ideas: Seeing Your Page as a Tree

* How jQuery Resolves "The Whitespace Problem" between Internet Explorer and Firefox

* Review of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Selectors

* Using Element, Class and ID Selectors with jQuery

* Using Custom jQuery Selectors

* Modifying the Content and Styles of Selected Elements

* Adding and Removing Elements Using jQuery

* Looping Over a Set of Elements

* Binding Events to Elements

Hands-on Exercises

* Increasing the salary of some selected employees and highlighting those employees using jQuery effects

* Deleting employees from the html table based on their status

* Adding an edit hyper link for all employees displayed in the HTML table

DAY 4:

Ajax Requests with jQuery

* A Complete Ajax Request with No Library Support

* GET and POST Requests with jQuery

* Incorporating Form and Cookie Data into Your Ajax Requests

* Handling a Plain-Text Response

* Handling an HTML Formatted Response

* Handling an XML Formatted Response

* Retrieving Headers from the Response

* Please Wait or Loading Whilst AJAX runs

Hands-on Exercises

* Loading products data into an existing div element using Ajax

* Registration Form Example

* Populating City Drop down based on selection in Country drop down in registration page

* Validating registration form and displaying status to the user

The jQuery User Interface (UI) Library

* Downloading and Including the Library in Your Web Pages

* Tab Panel Layout

* Accordion Layout

* Modal Dialog Box

* Date Picker

* Sortable Table

* Some More User Interface Elements

Hands-on Exercises: jQuery UI

* Examples demonstrating every UI component and their usage

* Creating a multi tab user registration application and submitting using Ajax

Course Provider's Profile
Ritesh Kumar is a full-time corporate trainer with 14+ years of Professional Experience in technologies like Spring 2.x/3.x, Cocoon 2.x, Hibernate 2.1/3.x , AJAX, DOJO,Wicket, YUI, Java FX , JSF, MyFaces, RichFaces, ADF, Struts1.x/2.x, Lucene, Digester , Web Services ( JAX-RPC/WS), SOA, AXIS 1.x/2.x, Highlighting APIs, JSP, EJB 2.x/3.x, JAAS, JMS, JCA, JMX, Java and JavaScript, ExtJS etc. Expertise on Weblogic AS 6.1/8.1/10/11g including clustering. He has conducted courses for over 10,000 professionals in companies such as Accenture, HP, IBM, HSBC, Infosys, Persistent, Sapient, Siemens, Tata Infotech, Xerox, Fujitsu, Wipro, Oracle, and many more.