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Memory Mastery: Proven Techniques That Will Improve Your Memory

Forgetting things? Can't remember when it matters most? Feeling let-down by your memory?

Don't worry. You are not losing your mind. You are like millions of others around the world: You simply haven't learned how to use your memory properly.

Memory is one of your most important brain functions. With memory, you can learn from experience, speak a language, or think intelligently.

Memory comes in many forms. You remember past events in your life. You remember facts and figures. You remember the meaning of certain words and feelings. You remember skills that you have learnt.

Your memory plays a crucial role in your life. The more you improve your memory, the more successful you will be at work.

This workshop will show you the three stages of memory and how you can use memory techniques to help you remember more effectively.
At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:
> Understand the three stages of memory
> Use memory systems to remember more effectively
> Remember 10 items, 20 items, 50 items, 1,000 items and more
> Remember numbers, facts and figures, passwords, names and faces
> Use sleep, nutrition and exercises to improve your memory
> Create memory applications that will help you remember
Course Outline
What you will cover in this one-day workshop:
> What is memory
> The three stages of memory
> Short term and long term memory
> Recall during learning
> Recall after learning
> Mnemonics and memory systems
> How to remember facts and figures, passwords, names and faces
> How to remember what you have learnt or read
> Memory problems and how to prevent them
> The impact of sleep, diet and exercise on memory
Who Should Attend
Managers, executives and business professionals interested in improving their memory and becoming more successful at work.
Other Info
This workshop is based on Tony Buzan's Memory workshop and includes
> Group discussion
> Memory exercises
> Group activities
Course Provider's Profile
Wong Peng Wai is the first person in Asia to be certified to teach mind mapping, memory skills and speed reading by Buzan Centre (UK). Peng Wai has conducted more than 1,000 workshops on mind mapping, memory skills, speed reading and systematic innovation in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Hong Kong.

Organisations that he has trained include American International Assurance, Central Provident Fund Board, DBS Bank, Housing and Development Board, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, Land Transport Authority, Maritime and Port Authority, Microsoft Asia Pacific, National University of Singapore, Singapore Airlines and Singapore Technologies.

With a M.B.A. and a B.Eng., Peng Wai is also an executive coach, a certified trainer in systems thinking and systematic innovation, and a member of the American Society for Training and Development.