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Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Everyone has fear, even a great speaker or a great politician has fear in delivering a speech. But these people know how to contain fear and make this fear to their advantage. We have butterflies in the stomach but can we make these butterflies fly in formation?

Yes, you can actually transfer FEAR â€" from Forget Everything And Run into Forever Enthusiastic And Robust.

Imagine, if you are a confident speaker, how much you can accomplish as compare to a timid and fearful speaker.

Confident speaking is never easy but it is not impossible.

Come to this half a day’s â€" FIGHT THE FEAR OUT OF YOU Workshop and walk out of the workshop as a fearless speaker.
# What is Fear and Phobia?
# What are the fears in our lives?
# What are the ways to overcome stage fright?
# Common stage fright symptoms
# Control stage fright
# Create a state of excellence
# Critical factors in giving an excellent presentation
# Exercise in fighting fear
# Evaluation of your fear and anxiety in everyday life
# Evaluation of your fear in presentation and speaking
Course Provider's Profile
Ernest Chen BA, MBA, DTM is a consummate speaker and trainer.

He is the author of "Earnestly Speaking", a bestseller in public speaking.

He has conducted many workshops in Singapore and the region.

He is also the trainer for the Trainerpreneur programme.

As a Distinguished Toastmaster, he is known as the Father of Toastmasters movement in Singapore. Ernest has the ability to captivate the audience and keep their attention alive.

Ernest has been a trainer and speaker for over 15 years. He develops his own training programmes and customized programmes for clients.

Thousands of participants had benefited from his programmes and hundreds of organizations had sent staff to his flagship programmes like Power Speaking and Presentation, Effective Master of Ceremonies, Market your products and services through Trade Exhibitions, Business Broker as your second profession, and Trainerpreneurs- Train the Trainers.

Ernest also teaches and coaches CEOs and individuals in private.