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Train The Trainers

Ever wanted to be life coach or public speaking trainer but do not know how?

Many trainer-wannabes have the misconception that becoming a professional trainer is a privilege only reserved for a selected few. You may have been told that in order to be an effective trainer, regardless if it is being a life coach or a public speaking trainer, it is important for you to possess certain traits and personalities.

However, what you're not told is that these welcoming personalities and traits can be cultivated and learned!

Furthermore, you can be the most knowledgeable and amicable trainer, still, if you do not have the right tools on how to speak with power, the ways to incorporate games and quizzes to make your training more interesting and enriching, your training is going to be dull and uninteresting.

Conducting professional training is both an art and science. While there are no one size fit all program on how to turn you into a high income, high performing trainer, however, there are certain methodologies and tools you can use to make shorten your learning curve and make it into both an enjoyable and profitable career.

And that's what Ernest Chen's Train the Trainer Workshop seeks to accomplish…
• Develop iron-like confidence when speaking in front of an audience,
• Deliver with both professionalism and style,
• Design your training with purpose and fun,
• Discover hidden potential within you,
• Disseminate information with clarity and consistency,
• Demonstrate what you teach with authority and reliability
Course Outline
Training Process
- Why train?
- Learning organization
- Adult learning (Andragogy)
- Characteristic of an effective trainer

Training Program
- Lesson plan
- Workshop programme
- Ice breaker
- Building rapport

Training Logistic
- Room set-up
- Training tools
- Evaluation
- Marketing

Training Methods
- Different types of training methods
- Games and quizzes
- Delivery skills
- Humor and stories

Presentation Skills
- Speaking with power
- First impression
- Body language
- Vocal charisma

NLP in Training
- Rapport
- Pacing and leading
- Matching
- Reframing

Presentation Performance
- Content
- Delivery
- Captivating
- Interaction
Who Should Attend
People that want to become life coach or trainer
Course Provider's Profile
Ernest Chen BA, MBA, DTM is a consummate speaker and trainer.

He is the author of "Earnestly Speaking", a bestseller in public speaking.

He has conducted many workshops in Singapore and the region.

He is also the trainer for the Trainerpreneur programme.

As a Distinguished Toastmaster, he is known as the Father of Toastmasters movement in Singapore. Ernest has the ability to captivate the audience and keep their attention alive.

Ernest has been a trainer and speaker for over 15 years. He develops his own training programmes and customized programmes for clients.

Thousands of participants had benefited from his programmes and hundreds of organizations had sent staff to his flagship programmes like Power Speaking and Presentation, Effective Master of Ceremonies, Market your products and services through Trade Exhibitions, Business Broker as your second profession, and Trainerpreneurs- Train the Trainers.

Ernest also teaches and coaches CEOs and individuals in private.