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''It is estimated that some 20 million engineers are working on the current Internet Worldwide at ISPs, corporate and all other public and private organisations and they will need quality training on IPv6. This is a gigantic task since it's the first upgrade of the internet and most probably the last one for decades to come.'' IPV6 Forum. ''The IPv6 Curriculum study has abundantly demonstrated that hands-on IPv6 skills and field experience are dearly missing. Achieving parity between IPv4 and IPv6 deployment, quality expertise is the one pillar to focus on.''
This program is designed to increase practical engineering expertise and hands-on knowledge to tackle complex systems and configurations, extending his/her confidence by demonstrating that IPv6 will be deployed by qualified engineers
This course is designed to provide Network Engineers the skills needed to implement IPV6 in multi- vendor, commercial environment
* Implementing new networking software and devices to support IPV6
* Implementing auto-configuration to manage IPV6 addresses
* Configuring the different IPV6 migration tools such as tunneling in order
to facilitate the transition
* Obtain and configure upgrades for common operating systems

* A good knowledge of general networking concepts is assumed. IPv4 is
reviewed as it is compared and contrasted with IPv6, but experience
on IPv4 is necessary
* All participants are required to bring a laptop
Course Outline
Module 1 - Introduction
• The Problem with IPv4
• Protocol Life Expectancy
• What's wrong with IPv4
• IPv4 Addressing Crisis
• The End-to-End Problem

Module 2 - Current Solutions to IPv4 Depletion Problem
• Network Address Rationing
• IP Sub-Netting
• Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDDR)
• Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
• Recycling Unused IP Networks
• Sub-Netting Class A Networks
• Network Address Translation (NAT)
• Realm - Specific IP (RSIP)

Module 3 - IPv6 Overview
• Opportunities Offered by IPv6
• Introductory Overview of IPv6
• Migration and Co-Existence

Module 4 - IPv6 Neighbour Discovery
• Neighbour Discovery Overview
• Neighbour Discovery Message Format
• Neighbour Discovery Options
• Neighbour Discovery Messages
• Neighbour Discovery Processes

Module 5 - Transition Approaches and Mechanisms
• IPv6 / IPv4 Dual Stack
• Translation Mechanisms
• Tunneling

Module 6 - A Globally Recognized Certification

Module 7 - IPv6 Protocol Basics
• The IPv6 Address Space
• IPv6 Header Format
• IPv4 Versus IPc6
• IPv6 Header Fields
• IPv6 Packet Size Limits
• Jumbo Grams
• Other IPv6 Features

Module 8 - IPv6 Addressing
• IPv6 Address Type
• Network and Node Addressing
• Aggregately Addressing
• IPv6 Address Representation
• Unicast Address Types
• IPv6 Address Format
• IPv6 Node Self-Awareness

Module 9 - IPv6 Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMPv6)
• New Control Message Protocol
• ICMPv6 Messages
• Fragmentations and Path MTU
• Other ICMPv6 Functions

Module 10 - IPv6 Routing
• IP Routing Fundamentals
• 14.2 RIP and RIPng
• OSPF and OSPFng
• IPv6 and BGP
• IPv6 Routing Issues
Who Should Attend
CNE6 is ideal for network administrators, network support personnel, network designers, networking consultants, IT managers and directors
Other Info
This is particle training program that's conducted in a Lab environment. The participants will have a hand on experience as how network systems work. Devices & equipment will be used in the class in-order to help the participants identify these devices. Group discussion and Q & A Sessions will be encouraged in order for participants to understand thing more clearly
Course Provider's Profile
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