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About BCY Resources


What differentiates the major executive search firms in Singapore from other \"headhunting\" or \"recruitment\" firms is the establishment of their own in-house Researchers. Their primary role is to map out the industry and its competitive landscape, which is then leveraged to identify and contact qualified senior executives who may be potentially interested to explore alternative career opportunities. Smaller recruitment companies without in-house Researchers source candidates by inviting individuals to register with them. These are generally middle-level executives actively seeking a new position.

Beatrice Chew-Yeoh, founder of BCY Resources, has served as an in-house Researcher for more than 18 years with major executive search firms including Heidrick & Struggles, Russell Reynolds and The Consulting Partnership. She understands the fundamentals of research and the value of establishing relationships with \"passive\" (people who are not looking) candidates. Over her 18 year career in executive search, she has developed an extensive network throughout the Asia Pacific region.

What distinguishes BCY Resources is that clients are free to avail themselves initially of Research Services. A fee will be charged for Research, dependent upon the coverage ie. whether pertaining to one country or the region and even internationally. Upon completion of the Research stage, clients are then given a choice whether they would want BCY Resources to continue to the next stage ie. to be involved in the recruitment of the successful candidate.

Executive Recruitment Services

BCY Resources is licensed under the Singapore Employment Agency Act to provide the full spectrum of Recruitment Services.

Customized Database

The difference between the large recruitment houses and the smaller ones is that the large recruitment houses have the resources to have a customised database system for their consultants to work from. The database is a much needed tool in the recruitment industry as a time saver in recovering data about people and industry. Without the use of a database, recruiters might miss out on good people through time and volume. BCY Resources is proud to announce that with the assistance of SPRING Singapore who funded a substantial portion of the bill, we also now have a customised database in order that the process of recruitment can be been made much simpler with this new IT tool.

Referencing Services

Referencing is one of the most critical elements of effective recruitment. As most people know a written reference is hardly worth the paper it is written on. Cases abound of disastrous recruitment decisions without referencing.
BCY Resources will provide referencing services on an independent basis to both Human RESOURCE and recruitment firms. We will reference not only those individuals provided by candidates but also contact individuals within the company where the candidate was previously employed, based on our extensive network.

Verification of Educational Qualifications

Recent news on the discovery of senior executives who had misrepresented their educational qualifications further emphasizes the importance of verifying educational backgrounds. On your behalf, BCY Resources will contact universities and/or professional bodies to obtain verification of degrees.

Other Human Resource Related Services

BCY Resources is also available to provide other Human Resource related services, on an as-needed basis to its clients.