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Marly and Page Singapore

Marly and Page Singapore

18A Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088441

About Marly and Page Singapore

Marly & Page is a dedicated manpower practice that harnesses the best talents to fill richly rewarding sales positions. Our unique focus on the sales profession enables us to develop an effective talent-sourcing and candidate-matching process that answers diverse clients needs and exceeds expectations.

Finding the right candidate to fill the all-important sales position is a demanding and time-consuming job. That is why companies who seek an effective and sustainable solution to their sales personnel shortage choose Marly & Page. Why Marly & Page? The simple answer is: we are sales people - just like those you seek. We know what motivates sales people and who among them are the best. We also have insider knowledge of what sales managers and directors need from their sales staff and hence, are able to find talents that best match those requirements.

The HR Consultants at Marly & Page are specially trained to understand diverse sales personnel needs and preferences in different industries and organisations. When talent sourcing, every candidate goes through a stringent assessment, profiling, interview and analysis process.
We particularly look out for a candidate’s:
- Motivational factors
- Experience in sales
- Interpersonal skills
- Values and beliefs
- Qualifications, special skills and other relevant industry knowledge

As such, Marly & Page is able to identify the best sales talents to achieve your targets.