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No 1 Ann Siang Hill

About Beaujolais

Unwinding since 1988

Complimenting the Lion city’s European influence on culinary, Beaujolais Wine bar offers a selection of the best combination for patrons to indulge in a relaxing intimacy with friends, colleagues, business partners or couples on a cozy pavement terrace. With friendly and hospitable staffs, this quarter century Singaporean development accommodates to a balanced, nutritious and kind to the waist haven.

Designed for people to experience a familiar lifestyle close to home, or for those who’ve always visualized a different dining experience, acclimatizing to this worldly bistro and its classic composition is key to maximizing every dime spent to your fullest. Beaujolais serves a dichotomous role for the average spender or the regular foodie. Lunch dates on the terrace or having drinks to soak in the sun by night is feasible any day of the week with music choices of your own. In summary, come dine with us rain or shine in an atmosphere for the well-designed.

The Beaujolais Team

Here at Beaujolais we believe in serving every customer with the satisfaction of being prioritized and a place you will never fail to reminisce. Our friendly staffs are dedicated to provide you with the best of their abilities, to see you smile throughout your night. To attend to your queries or orders; we would certainly expedite your request. We promise a beautiful afternoon or even a fun night filled with craziness.

Food with Love

Serving a Western European cuisine, Beaujolais offers a tantalising menu filled with entrees, mains and deserts that your taste buds will crave for more. Cheese platters, bruschetta are the common starters for the evening. The main course is tailored for a variety of individuals that range from herbivores to carnivores. The goat cheese salad is a must try and for the not so leafy people, the fine selection of steaks is a sell-out. With varieties such as Sirloin, Rib-eye and Tenderloin, we assure you nothing but the tastiest.

There are also choices for pasta lovers where the chef’s ensures that it is cooked with love as the Italians do. In fact, a new addition to the cuisine is from the Mediterranean culture as the Grilled King Prawns smothered in a perfect speciality recipe sums the main course.

Onto something sweet and for some receptive to aphrodisiacs, the desert menu wraps up the evening by offering the finest blueberry Crème Brule that keeps foodies returning just for it.